Australia is extremely fortunate to have an abundance of pristine natural environments.  So when we source the best air we want to handle it properly. It takes expertise, dedication and a desire to want to provide our air to the highest available standards. At Australian Air Farms we are dedicated to this pursuit.

Our product, “InvigAir8®” is to be enjoyed.  “Just breathe”, as it suggests should be a unconscious action, something you don’t think about, a natural response.  Our processes ensure this is achieved, after all.

Quality comes from a commitment.

  • A commitment to using quality 100% Pure Australian air.
  • A commitment to collecting the air at source using the highest standards for breathable air, EN12021 (comparable to AS2299.1).

Breathable air standards EN12021 requires: InvigAir8 - Quality Air

⇒ Oxygen 21 +/-1%

⇒ No significant odour or taste
⇒ Carbon Dioxide less than 500ppm
⇒ Carbon Monoxide less than 15ppm
⇒ Lubricants as droplets or mist less than 0.5mg/m3
⇒ A pressure dewpoint of 110C.


At Australian Air Farms we want you, our customer, to be confident and comfortable being able to ‘just breathe’.  Our commitments also include:

  • Selling by weight (min 8gm per can) as per ISO weight and measure standards, so you know how much you are getting.
  • Using a process that evacuates the can via vacuum before filling, ensuring you only get 100% pure Australian air.
  • Adhering to Australian Standards and Laws for the manufacturing and packaging processes used.   Everyone of our cans undergoes water bath testing at 50 degrees Celsius, as per the requirements of AS2278.1 for Aerosol Containers.
  • Ensuring that we adhere to Australia’s Dangerous Goods legislation for distribution and handling of InvigAir8.
  • Using quality Australian suppliers of Australian made cans, valves, labels and corrugated boxes that are Quality Endorsed complying with ISO 9001:2000.

InvigAir8® made in Australia, to quality standards you can trust! Just Breathe. Buy pure air now!