InvigAir8® 100% Pure Australian Air – 12-pack


InvigAir8® 100% Pure Australian Air – 12-pack


Just breathe this to feel energised, refreshed, revived and stimulated.   We harvest Australia’s best clean air so you can make it your personal source of fresh air.  Our pristine unpolluted environments are now yours to enjoy any time.  You will feel better!

Pack of 12 cans.
Each can contains a minimum of 8g NET of 100% Pure Australian Air and this is over 260 breaths of fresh Australian air.


InvigAir8®, is prepared to state it complies with an International Breathing Air Standard.
Each can is individually shrink wrapped to guarantee freshness and tamper evidence.

Can dimensions: 65mm x 216mm
Height: 263mm (including cap)
Weight: 145g (without shrink wrap)

InvigAir - Australian Made and ISO compliant