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Yes, we do, pending freight clearance for compressed air (in a can) to the destination country.

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Yes, you can. Instructions come with the can, in Chinese and English.

Australia is very fortunate to have extremely high quality air throughout the country.  Notably many coastal areas or inland forests and deserts due to their low population densities and very pristine natural surroundings have extremely high quality air. Australian Air Farms harvests air from many of these locations. Many of these locations are also tourist icons and as such provide an associated memory for tourists, visitors and guests to Australia. Given Australia’s very high overall air quality we believe you want more than a can with a pretty picture on it, rather you are looking for the clean crisp  pure air within.   Our way of having a bit of fun was to embed the exact location in the code on the bottom of the can as a game so you can explore Australia one can at a time.

The label shows a range of possible typical locations, given the high quality of air Australia has in general our way of having a bit a fun and doing something unique was to give you a QR code to scan that will take you to the “where are you breathing?®” page and have you enter the code on the bottom of the can. It’s a bit of fun and gives you the security of knowing that you have a genuine Australian made product as these measures are harder to counterfeit.

Our capturing processes deliver continual air to EN12021 standards.

Our partner companies are ISO certified.Quality Endorsed Company

Australian Air Farms uses a range of measures to ensure product authenticity and quality.

The can should be individually shrink-wrapped at the time of purchase.
The can has a printed full gloss label.
The can has its own barcode.
This barcode is owned by Australian Air Farms and we use GS1.org to manage our barcodes.
You can check its original by going to GS1 and putting in the barcode and you’ll see Australian Air Farms own it.
The QR code printed on each can, when scanned should bring you to the “where are you breathing?®” page.
The bottom of the can also contains the unique source code below the information in #4.

If you don’t see all these features, then let us know and give us the details of where and when with some product photos identifying the above 6 points and we will follow up.

We are serious about the quality of our product and have gone to considerable lengths to make it difficult to counterfeit and copy so help us if you see something that’s not right.

Yes we are. Our process is mobile and able to provide air from any location to the same high quality standards as we harvest from anywhere else. The cans can be specially labelled identifying your location and attraction by you or us. You will also have your own code printed on the bottom of each can and only you will know what the code is before it’s produced, because we’ll show it to you at the time we harvest from your location.