At Australian Air Farms, our superior air farming technology delivers multiple benefits to you.

InvigAir8 utilises eco-friendly technology

Firstly, our superior at source harvesting captures InvigAir8® to the International breathable air standard EN12021. This is a significant world first because in this rapidly emerging market companies are claiming all sorts of things by way of quality standards, utilising their own quality standards, stamps and Certificates of Authenticity imploring you to trust them on how fresh and pure their air is. Yet we are the first company to actually provide a meaningful international air quality standard that our air meets. This standard is widely used in many industries.  Now, you can finally rest assured and ”just breathe”.

Secondly, our processing utilises quality Australian made cans that are designed, manufactured and tested to handle higher pressures. We leverage this advantage to get more InvigAir8® in a can.  In turn you get better value for your purchase.

Finally, the choice you make to use InvigAir8® ensures that there is as little environmental impact as possible with the amount of resources consumed in the packaging.   With our cans holding 62% to 100% air more than other products there is 51-70% less packaging consumed to provide the same amount of air.  Your choice is the best for the environment.

You have found the company that has engineered a solution to an unfortunate issue that has considered how to leverage technologies whilst caring for the environment.