Our mission is simple.
To provide you with a premium quality product, InvigAir8®, that invigorates you with fresh, clean 100% Pure Australian Air.

We recognise that, sadly, not all people have access to clean, fresh air.
Growth and urbanisation come with effects on our environment that make it harder to do the activities that we’d like to.
In some parts of the world, simply breathing can be difficult and leaves you with a sore throat and lungs that feel choked.

We want you to be able to “just breathe”.

100% Pure Australian Air in a Can

Where Are You Breathing?

Fresh Australian air from Healesville, Warrnambool, Grampians and other pristine places. Find out where

Are You Breathing Polluted Air?

Check your city’s pollution index here.

Why is InvigAir8 different?


In| vig |Air|8   (in | vig | or | ate) : give strength or energy to

To energise, refresh, revive, stimulate