Where Are You Breathing?

We harvest and collect 100% Pure Australian Air from various locations to bring part of these pristine environments to you.

Australia’s most iconic locations include its pristine coastline, The Great Dividing Range with its bushlands and mountains, its vast inland deserts and its amazing tropical rainforests. We also like to have fun, our environments make that easy and we want you to have some fun too!

If you would like to know ‘Where are you breathing?®, simply enter the code on the bottom of the can and you will find out more about where we sourced the air from.

Enter code in the field below and press ‘enter’

(not case sensitive)

So have some fun and imagine you are exploring Australia – one can at a time. We harvest from lots of locations so the codes change and you can always come back here to find out.

So check the code and the location it came from. Perhaps you have been there on a visit?  Has a family member or friend been there?  Can you imagine it as you breathe in InvigAir8®?

By the way – the code also forms part of our products traceability and it’s integral to our quality system.